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  1. Nowakowski G.,Zhu J., Zhang Q., Brody J., Sun X., Maly J., Song Y., Rizvi S., Song Y., Lansigan F., Jing H., Cao J.,Lue J., Luo W., Zhang L., Li L., Han I., Sun J., Jivani M., Liu Y., Heineman T. & Smith S. (2020)
    ENGINE: a Phase III randomized placebo controlled study of enzastaurin/R-CHOP as frontline therapy in high-risk diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients with the genomic biomarker DGM1

  2. Butowski N., Shazer R.L., Zhang L., Sun H., Han I., Jivani M.A., Luo W. (2019).
    DGM1 may serve as a novel genetic biomarker of response to enzastaurin in glioblastoma 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL.

  3. Smith S.D., Zhu J., O’Connor O.A., Luo W., Shazer R.L., Zhang L., Han I., Sun J., Jivani M.A., Liu Y., and Nowakowski G.S. (2019).
    ENGINE: Phase III randomized study of enzastaurin/R-CHOP versus placebo/R-CHOP in frontline high risk diffuse large B cell lymphoma patients with novel genomic biomarker DGM1 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL.

  4. Wen L., Hong S., Jun Z., Stephen D.S., Isabel H., Manoj A.J., Young L. and Ronald L.S. (2018).
    Improved Survival with Enzastaurin Treatment in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) Patients with the Novel Genetic Biomarker, DGM1.60th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition. San Diego, CA.

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Denovo Biopharma is a privately held biotech company providing a novel biomarker solution to personalize drug development. Our platform can be broadly applied to biomarker discovery in many therapeutic areas, such as oncology, metabolic, cardiology, immunology and neurology.

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