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  • DB102: Anti-tumor Drug Enzastaurin
  • DB104: Psychiatric Drug Liafensine
  • DB107: Anti-tumor Gene Therapy Based Drug Toca-511

A Novel Strategy to Discover Clinical Biomarkers
Retrospectively with Archived Samples

Denovo Biopharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of biomarker-driven precision medicines. Our technology platform can be broadly applied to biomarker discovery and biomarker-guided drug development in many therapeutic areas such as oncology, neurology, metabolic, cardiology, and immunology.

Our core technology is the industry's first platform and algorithm to perform de novo genomic biomarker discovery retrospectively using archived clinical samples. This technology is especially useful for late-stage drugs that have completed clinical trials with unsatisfactory efficacy. By identifying biomarkers correlated to patients' responsiveness to drug candidates retrospectively, our technology enables new clinical trials in a targeted patient population to achieve significant efficacy and/or less adverse effects.

Target Indications

Numerous oncology and central nervous system (CNS) indications continue to have limited therapeutic options despite extensive research efforts by the pharmaceutical industry. Biomarker-guided drugs have been proven to result in better patient outcomes, and Denovo’s core competency is its unique biomarker discovery platform. Our pipeline is filled with first-in-class drugs that address these major unmet medical needs, and we use our biomarker discovery approach to identify the right patients who may benefit from them. Other therapeutic areas also may benefit from Denovo’s biomarker discovery and drug development model.